Saturday, 24 September 2011

Childhood - Letter to the Daily Telegraph

No idea if this will get in, but for what it's worth -

Dear Editor,

The "childhood" that your correspondents mourn is a relatively recent invention. My late grandfather was born in 1908 in a workhouse, his mother died when he was 6, he was left as a deposit on a debt at 12 working for nothing and sleeping under a kitchen table, became a barrowboy at 15 and was fed by gypsies, and was given just one present in his whole childhood.

He would have given his eye teeth for a bellyful of burgers and the leisure to waste time on computer games.

He could read and write, though.

Yours faithfully,

(The Revd) Richard Haggis

PS - I know this sounds like something out of Dickens, but it is verifiably true. He was an amazing man.

26 Bampton Close

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