Thursday, 3 November 2011

Daily Telegraph, 03.11.11

SIR – Dr Williams calls for a new tax on bankers, but there is no need for yet another tax: the United Kingdom's fiscal system is chaotic enough as it is. There is only one fair tax – income tax.

Money earned in this country should be taxed in this country. Whatever ends up in a person's pocket is surely fair game for the tax man. Salaries, bonuses, and payments-in-kind should be taxed alike: all are income.

If we start to single out particular professions for higher taxation we will tie ourselves in knots. What next? A tax on writers for wearing out library shelves?

Rev Richard Haggis
Littlemore, Oxfordshire


  1. Well said. I've heard on the grapevine that there's plan for a Window Tax. It was so successful in earlier times, and with all the new plastic windows being fitted, someone has seen a loophole about it's repeal, it was signed by King James 2, who as we know was kicked out by King Billy. So, it seems that it invalidated the repeal. Look out for the window tax in GO's budget announcement in December!

  2. The only fair tax is VAT.
    Petrol tax is the worst because it puts up the price of everything.
    Income tax is not within our control,spending is.
    If we say boo to Maastricht or Tokyo, or whoever it was who made us raise our VAT from zero on gas and elctricity,we'll be back to when the poor paid little or no tax.

  3. How is VAT fair?
    It charges rich and poor the same amount for expenditure they cannot possibly avoid.
    That's about as fair as giving the rich child benefit.

    The only positive point of a universal tax is that it is easy to collect, just like a universal benefit is easy and cheaper to administer than a means tested one where people also slip through the net.

    Progressive income tax is the only fair tax. It's main and very serious negative aspect is that it's much easier to evade and avoid than a tax like VAT.