Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fussing About Words 2: "Love Child"

When I was staying with my parents there was an item in the Daily Mail about a supposed "love child" of the late Sir Jimmy Savile (and presumably there was a mother involved, too - here's the link if you care, and your computer doesn't automatically filter out the Daily Mail - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2074463/Jimmy-Savile-love-child-Georgina-Ray-40-claims-2-5m-fortune.html)

I'm 45. My parents have been married for 47 years, and at present my mother is my father's 24-hours-a-day nurse as he is laid low by cancer. At 65, that is no easy task, and it is borne without complaint, in fulfillment of vows made, and meant, many years ago.

My mother once told me "we have loved you since before you were even born". I mean no disrespect to the lady in question but, of the two of us, which is the "love child"?


  1. I think that the term Love Child in your case is the correct one.

    But it makes me reflect on how many children are brought into the world, resented, unwanted and unloved. It makes you realise no matter how bad you've had it - there are many more who have had it worse.

  2. I entirely agree with that - so many children have a terrible ride, and it is absolutely none of their fault at all. We used to use bad words which were addressed to the children, not the parents, when it was the parents who had been irresponsible, the children who picked up the (broken) pieces.

    But, both parents, and children, can make incredibly good things out of hardship and privation.

    My intention was merely to point out the absurdity of the expression.