Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vocation & Ministry

Littlemore Parish Church The Window for Sunday, 8th of July, 2012 Vocation & Ministry Most ordinations fall between the feasts of Saint Peter, the denier, and Saint Thomas, who questioned. Just before, we have Saint John the Baptist, and after, Saint Mary Magdalen; and at the very end of the month, the (relatively) new feast of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, Jesus’s friends. For people thinking about their vocation there is a lot to latch onto; many models to help us ponder the kind of Christian we will be, in the role that has fallen to us. There is a tendency in the churches to think of ordination as a special vocation, somehow different from the vocation of all other Christian people. I don’t think this is so. It is distinctive, yes, and has particular challenges, and joys, but all Christian people are called by Jesus to follow him in the way that is most appropriate to them. I have known professors, nurses, builders, civil servants, bus drivers, shop assistants, nuns living in enclosure, and countless others, who have served God in and through their work and their prayers. Likewise, partners, parents, carers, and friends, who have found in their calling to pay attention to the needs of those specially and providentially given to them, that they have been able to do so by the grace of God, and to God’s glory. Our parish has been given the joyful calling of nurturing the vocation of a new curate this Ordination Time. As we seek to support and pray for Tom Albinson, may we also pray for one another: God, our Father; by your Holy Spirit, guide us all who have heard your call to live and work and pray within the communion that is the Holy Trinity, that we may be faithful to our vocation and ministry, to follow as disciples and friends of Jesus, your Son. Amen. Richard Haggis Littlemore, Oxford July, 2012

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