Thursday, 26 July 2012

Social Mobility Irate letter of the day, no. 1: Dear Editor, My late father had a better idea than Dr Cable's for increasing educational opportunities for children from working class backgrounds. He worked every hour God sent, and paid for us to go to independent schools. Yours faithfully, (The Revd) Richard Haggis MA (Oxon & Nottingham)

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  1. Mr Haggis Senior knew a good thing when he saw it.
    Let us also remember that public-school-educated Tony Blair when he was Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition promised,should he become Prime Minister,to abolish the Government Assisted Places Scheme which enabled poorer parents of able children regardless of social class to send them to selective independent schools. David Cameron, when he was in the same office,disappointed thousands of teachers,parents and pupils by saying that if his party were elected he would not restore the scheme. Both men used a spurious financial argument which demonstrated either their ignorance or mendacity.
    Why are we so afraid to use the A words in this country ? Pupils' ability and aspiration are what make a successful school,no matter whether the state or anyone else pays for its upkeep. Independent schools select their pupils by ability to learn. Some of them still have generous bursary schemes for brighter, poorer, children. So long as they get their fees in to run the school they are not interested in the social background of the pupils. Ability is what they look for and continue to expect. Aspiration is encouraged.Consequently,these selective schools get good exam results,just as selective state schools used to. That is why they make up such a large proportion of Russell Group students.