Sunday, 2 September 2012

Somewhere Under The Rainbow - for 23.09.2012

For “The Window”, 23rd of September, 2012 Saint Mary and Saint Nicholas Church, Littlemore, Oxford


Yes, I know that’s a misquote, and it’s deliberate. In “the Wizard of Oz” Dorothy and her travelling companions are seeking “somewhere over the rainbow”, the magical place where they will find all they need. The story ends by telling them that they have all they need right there and then, with them, all along. All that was lacking was someone to tell them so.

Rainbows are magical things, and I write this having seen the most marvellous rainbow yesterday, as I emerged from drab shopping at Tesco’s. They remind me of God’s promise to Noah in Genesis 9, that he would never again punish the earth for sin. More personally, they remind me of the falls at Foz do Iguacu, in Brasil, where we spent our first anniversary. It is a place of 276 natural waterfalls, ranging from a mere tap in a cliff, to over half a mile wide. The air is so full of mist and spray, that the sun has only to shine, and there are rainbows everywhere – you are always “under the rainbow”.

And that is the Good News, both of Noah, and of the falls at Iguacu, and of The Wizard of Oz. We live under the rainbow, we don’t have to aim over it. Our skills and gifts, and all the good things that we are, are here for the taking, the mending, and the making, and enjoying! We have hearts, and brains, and courage, like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. We just have to get on with it. And sometimes we have to sit with our friends, and hold their hands, as they discover these things. And a whole new world emerges. “Somewhere, under the rainbow”. Richard Haggis Littlemore, Oxford September 2012

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