Friday, 16 January 2015

Domestic life

"If you happen to feel up to walking into town, pheasants are only a fiver a brace in the Covered Market just now, the shop attached to the fish, near the door into Market Street", I said to HL, as I set off for my 10-hour TEFL training session.

When I got back, nearly thirteen hours later (it's a long walk), "have you fed the cats?" "Oh yes, they've have a great time with the skin from the pheasants and the chickens I bought". "Did you cut it up?" "No, my cats are wild cats".

What did I tread in, in the dark, as I emerged from the bedroom at quarter past four this morning, as I stumbled out into the waking world, unable properly to sleep? Yes! Vomitted pheasant and chicken skins.

I so very much hope that Day Two can only get better. And, which would help a lot, that the Covered Market is shut on Sunday.

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  1. Happy TiingEFL. Have they given you a job ? When you start work this time,unless you're the headmaster, behave yourself.