Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Rainbow Grey Alliance of the C of E

Here's a thing: an old college friend invited me to preach at the baptism of his third child (I preached at the same for his previous twins). Our college chapel happens by chance also to be the Cathedral church of the Diocese, and as the dean is doing the baptising this time, I thought I'd best ask the authorities. I asked the acting bishop (we have a vacancy-in-see) about the status of a clerk in holy orders without a licence or permission to officiate.
He said it was a grey area. He has pontifically concluded that as I have done this pastorally for the family before, and have connexions with the college, it is a matter for the dean and chapter, and the grey area can remain grey.
And this is how we embrace our glorious rainbow 21st century ....

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  1. Grey Schmey, it seems sensible enough to me. Getting on for forty years ago now I was at a baptism in which the vicar, a close friend of the family, said the words, and the curate, an even closer friend, did the watering. The baby's mother's (deprived inner-city) children's midweek group, whom I'd rehearsed in secret, read out their own contributions to the service.
    Is it Nathaniel and Imogen who have the new sibling ? Amazing !
    Don't forget to upload the sermon for us to read and also let us have the video as somebody is sure to record the proceedings..