Saturday, 2 January 2016

My Sixth Year Of Six

A friend on Facebook was pondering the anniversaries that this year will bring round, so I got to thinking too. For good measure, I thought I'd add in the half-decades too:

1966: I was born. Something happened in the world of football. Landslide General Election for Labour. Good year for claret and port.

1971: We moved to the house in Wimbledon where I spent most of my childhood. Decimalisation.

1976: The year of the Great Drought. Harold Wilson unexpectedly resigned as PM. 150th anniversary of London Zoo (that's a sesquicentenary).

1981: My paternal grandfather died. First O-levels. We moved to Sussex, and my father and I became commuters.

1986: Irene, my maternal grandmother, died. Went to Ireland to meet her brother. Changed course to Theology.

1991: Left teaching training course. Left first ex after (nearly) five years.

1996: Became an uncle & member of the Older Generation. Was ordained priest. Met second ex. Went to the Holy Land.

2001: "9/11". Second ex left after five years. Became a charity trustee.

2006: Sacked by the C of E. Lived in Brasil for 4 months & saw the Falls at Iguacu. Started work in a homeless hostel.

2011: Cats arrived. Appendix departed.

2016: Starting work for the Baptists (admin, not vicaring). Intending to get published. Will (almost) inevitably be 50.

Richard Haggis
Barton-upon-Bayswater, Oxford
January 2016

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  1. I might do mine later - 1925, 1935, 1945, 1955, 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005, 2015, 2025 - my hundredth! Perhaps someone would help me with those special dates - Kings celebrating jubilees, Wars ending....