Sunday, 29 May 2016

Green Card Game ~ Twenty More Questions (and answers)

Green Card Game ~ Twenty More Questions

21. What did I call my grandparents?

Grandad, Nan, Pop, Irene. Nan and Pop were still alive when we married.

22. What was the first place I went to by plane, as an adult?

New York.

23. Where was I ordained priest, and how long ago?

S. Edward the Confessor Church, Romford, 23rd of June 1996.

24. Which items do I like to have in every room (two main contenders)?

A clock and a radio. You could have a point for a dictionary.

25. Which was my Cambridge college, and what was I (meant to be) doing there?

Trinity College. I was allegedly a chaplain.

26. Which two members of the royal family have I met?

HRH Diana, Princess of Wales, and HRH, the Duchess of Gloucester.

27. Who was my favourite 20th century Prime Minister?

Harold Macmillan (1894-1986), OM, 1st earl of Stockton, Chancellor of the University of Oxford.

28. Which election (not referendum) have I only had the chance to vote in once?

Chancellor of the University of Oxford, in 2003 (voted for Lord Bingham; Lord Patten won).

29. What was my favourite 45th birthday present (it lives near my desk)?

Gracie, my aspidistra, from Ricardo.

30. What creatures did I start keeping in 1982?

Seven geese. We later ate two.

31. Which is my favourite tea?

Orange Pekoe, from Cardew's in the Covered Market, Oxford.

32. Burial or cremation?


33. Name three writers I admire.

Somerset Maugham, Jane Austen, P G Wodehouse, but many others would get points.

34. What’s the proper name of the nuns for whom I say mass from time to time?

The Sisters of the Love of God, Convent of the Incarnation, Fairacres, Oxford.

35. Where did I train to be a priest?

Lincoln Theological College. It was decided to close it down while I was there. Not my fault.

36. Who gave me my desk, and where did it come from?

My parents. My father found it in a shed at his scrapyard, originally bought by my Grandad to chop up for the wood (oak and yew).

37. Which is my favourite British bird?

Kingfisher. But I'd have accepted wren.

38. Milk in first, or milk in after?

First for tea, after for coffee.

39. What’s the title of my (unpublished) book, and where does it come from?

"O Taste And See", Psalm 34:8.

40. What dreadful things happened to my ancestors in Newcastle in the 1870s?

Alexander Bonner killed his wife, Ellen Robson, in a drunken fight on the 4th of July 1873, and then threw himself in the Tyne on the 6th of July 1875. They were my great-great-great-grandparents. My birthday is the 5th of July.

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  1. I got six right. Four more I'd have known if I could have remembered.