Monday, 16 May 2016

Green Card Game ~ Twenty Question ~ The (Or Some) Answers

Green Card Game ~ Twenty Questions ~ The (Or Some) Answers

1. When is my birthday? And what day of the week was I born on?

5th of July, Tuesday

2. What are my parents’ names?

Ingrid & Gordon

3. When are our anniversaries?

19th April, 16th June, 15th December

4. Name three of my favourite composers.

Tallis, Bach, Britten

5. Name three of my favourite films/TV series.

Six Feet Under, The Godfather, The West Wing

6. How will I vote in the EU referendum?


7. Name three of the best things I have seen abroad.

The World Trade Centre, the Sea of Galilee, the falls at Foz do Iguacu

8. What will I call my macaw? And why?

Percy. My great-uncle's nose.

9. Who is my favourite Queen?

Mary, consort of George V, the Queen's grandmother.

10. Name three things I cook well.

Fish pie, farting soup, roast potatoes

11. Which two radio channels do I listen to?

Radio 4 & the World Service

12. If I could have a peerage, which rank would I choose?

Marquess. Like Lord Marchmain, and George Nathaniel Curzon, that most superior person.

13. Which two universities do I have degrees from?

Oxford & Nottingham

14. In the store cupboard, what never runs out?

Lavatory paper, catfood, and canned tomatoes.

15. What do I always do the week before going to Sussex to see Mother?

Get a hair cut.

16. What do I use to shave with?

Somerset's Shaving Oil, and disposable razors from Wilkinson's.

17. What is my favourite church?

S. Giles-in-the-Fields.

18. Which London club did I belong to (and will re-join when the good times come)?

The Savile Club.

19. Where was I born?

Wimbledon, London.

20. I’ve only had one operation as an adult, what was it for?

Peritonitis & exploded appendix.

Richard Haggis
Barton-upon-Bayswater, Oxford
May 2016

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