Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Little Quiz of Englishness ...

A bit of fun for HL, in his temporary exile in Brasil:

1. Where, or what, is Ulster?

2, Who was the last British monarch to claim to be monarch of France?

3. Who were the first, and last, Empresses, of India?

4. The British Cabinet has three "chancellors". What are their full titles?

5. What is a quart?

6. What is a pre-lactarian?

7. Who founded the Church of England?

8. What are the Queen's other names?

9. Who is the Heir Presumptive?

10. What is the wife of an earl called?

11. Name three London Underground lines.

12. Name three "national treasures".

13. Where are the Crown Jewels kept?

14. When is tea served?

15. "Sofa" or "settee"?

16. What is a "closed season"?

17. What is haggis made from?

18. What is "the West Country"?

19. What is "the Black Country"?

20. What is Blackpool famous for?

21. What's the nickname for people from Liverpool?

22. England has two ancient universities (Scotland has four) - which is the older?

23. How old do you need to be before you can apply for a car driving licence?

24. When was the NHS founded?

25. Who is the third most senior bishop in England? (two answers will do, double points for explaining why)

26. Which of these are part of the United Kingdom - The Channel Islands, Wales, the Isle of Man, the Falklands, Gibraltar, The Isle of Wight, Lancashire, the Isle of Man?

27. Who, in literature, and song, made the aspidistra famous in the 20th century?

28. By treaty, which country is England's oldest ally?

29. What are "the Home Counties"?

30. In which fictional village is "The Archers" set? (extra points for fictional county)

31. What is "toad-in-the-hole"?

32. Where do the Crown Jewels live? And what unusual birds guard them?

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