Sunday, 21 August 2016

Some thoughts on eternity, in answer to a kindly Sister

Your thoughts raise echoes in the sounding chamber of my own empty head! I use the phrase - nicked from a memorial tablet in Ely Cathedral (just on the right, as you go into the Lady Chapel) - "exchanged time for eternity". And in some of our conversation, especially to do with Jung, and collective consciousness, and praying for the dead, I think Helen Columba and I explored that a little together.

Every moment is eternal. All that will be always has been. We glimpse - as you say - the eternal fleetingly now, because more than that would overwhelm us. It's like a kind of map - the geography lies under, but from the surface, we can't always see it. And the space is as eternal as the moment. We locate ourselves in the eternal geography of time.

I've never found the words to say these things well, and they have eluded me yet again, but maybe there's some glimmer in there.

I do wish people didn't have to die, but sometimes you look at them and you know it is right. Another thing Helen Columba said to me - often, when I was whinging about some wasted disastrous part of my life! - "nothing is lost". And this is why.

Maybe God is like a kind of roadsweeper, tidying up the dust and ashes of our broken lives, but instead of consigning them to landfill, taking them home and weaving them back into the glorious tapestry of life for which we were always meant?

Or, I might be bonkers!

Richard Haggis
Barton-upon-Bayswater, Oxford
August 2016


  1. I love the idea of Daddy sweeping up the debris and taking it home to fix it.

  2. She sounds to have been a great and wise lady.

    Sometimes we meet people like that and we need to nurture our relationships while we still have time.

    Wisdom and truth combined in the same person are a scarce asset these days - I wish that I had known her.