Thursday, 5 January 2017



It rings.
Is it now?
Do I want to know?
Can I bear not to?

It rings.

“Double glazing”?
How nice, but we don’t own the place.
How did they get my number?
Is it allowed? It’s a disgrace.

It rings.

How are things?
Well, he’s worse, but thank you for asking.
Morphine now.
Intravenous, so he’s not for lasting.

It rings.

Number withheld, I can’t face it.
But what if …?
Well, what difference can it make?
But what if …?

It rings

Yes, bring butter – make sure it’s salted
O God, is this all we care about?
Catering and cobblers
Whilst a life runs out?

Richard Haggis
Littlemore, Oxford
April 2012

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