Monday, 30 January 2017

WHEN YOU'VE BEEN STRONG FOR LONG ENOUGH: it fools no one, everyone sees the brittleness underneath.
Does it even help those you think you are being strong for?
But there is work to do, and the heart must wait until it's done.
I don't know any other way.


  1. I have been reflecting on the loss of two siblings in the past year. Somehow, being strong isn't enough. I can't seem to shed any tears, which I need to do - but perhaps I'm still in shock and don't want to be seen to be vulnerable.

    Nothing helps, apart from quiet reflection and prayer by a candle lit for each of them. Others condolences roll over, sincerely meant, but it's difficult to receive them with any confidence.

    Perhaps I need to work things out, I can't seem to do so by myself, so thank God that I'm seeing my SD next week.

    1. Grief needs to take its time. Sometimes death brings about thoughts of what happened in life.It all depends on the issues surrounding childhood and siblinghood. Nobody's words of condolence can quite hit the spot in any bereavement:one can accept only the kindness with which they are meant. It would be worse if nobody said anything.