Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Things the next little palace, our own one, must have:

Cleo and Ruby

A dishwasher

A cooker with gas hob and two electric ovens, one fan-assisted

A blue-and-gold macaw

A pond with koi carp and water lilies

All our pictures and prints framed and on the walls

A proper dinner table and chairs

A book case for my Everyman P G Wodehouse Library collection

A book case for my Anchor Bible Commentaries

A library step-ladder

A study with space for my roll-top desk, an armchair, and the above

Surface space in the kitchen for all gadgets and a kitchen step-ladder

Lights in the fitted cupboards and wardrobes

Orchids on every window sill

A DVD player that reads films from all over the world

Proper curtains

A window in the bathroom - and every room

Persian (and possibly more modern) rugs

A poly-greenhouse

Off-street parking

A Manchester terrier


A radio, dictionary, and clock, a notebook and a pen, in every room

Caller display

Key hooks by the front door

A notebook by the telephones



A cellar


More than our own tomatoes


Trees and shrubs planted in the garden

A visitors' bedroom

Wooden lavatory seats

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