Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Another bit of Conrad

“You’ve obviously got questions”.
“Yeah, kinda, hard to express”.
“Just say it”.
“Well, I left my boy when he was five years old. And now he’s sixteen, and he’s with you, and you’re older than me. Did I make that happen? Is it my fault?”
“Is it a fault? I’m not his Dad – you are. He’s not looking for you, he knows where to find you.”
“But …. Why …. You?”
“You’ve got to ask Fred that. I don’t deserve him. And I’ve said he is always free to go, if he comes to his senses and realises that being with this old crock just isn’t working.”
“He’s not going to go. He’s told me that. Not ever.”
“Then you’re saddled with me as your son-in-law!”

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