Sunday, 16 July 2017

"I AM MICHAEL" - last night's film

"I AM MICHAEL" (2015) ~ last night's film.

I noticed this in Asda in Cowley a week ago, and was surprised to see it there. Not quite so surprised to see it still there yesterday, when I'd decided to buy it, and walked the three miles to do so.

It's a story of a young man who's a vociferous campaigner for gay civil rights, and lives the dream (not sure it is a dream, more a nightmare, of a threesome with two other guys), and then gets religion. And he converts. Away from his boyfriend(s) and away from the work he's doing. He wanders from Mormonism to Buddhism to something more recognisably Christian. He finds a girl, and wants to become a pastor.

I bought it thinking I'd hate it, but it might be good for me. It felt like it had been made by people who didn't really believe the story, but thought it should be heard. It was engaging. The lead, James Franco, bears a tangential but compelling resemblance to my late father, which was disconcerting.

It leaves us with unanswered questions.

It was a good choice.

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