Saturday, 12 August 2017

Being On The Edge

BEING ON THE EDGE: it's often said of bishops and other leadership types that they've "reached out" to or otherwise communicated with communities on the edge, the margins, the minorities.

It's only in Church of England terms that I feel on any edge at all. In the Baptist church where I work, I feel right in the centre. The C of E could grow up about sexuality at any time. But it chooses not to, whilst praising those who behave as if it might.

In the real world, I live on the edge of poverty - the common story of too little income and too much rent. That's a much harder thing to put right. Or rather, it's easily resolved, but it's hard to find anyone with the political will to do it.

Thinking out loud.

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  1. Political will - everybody in free homes paid-for by the government ? I like that idea, provided it's VAT that pays for it. I never buy anything.