Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Brazil - tonight's film

"Brazil" (1985): tonight's film. Yes, they were right, a must-see. Not the sort of thing I normally go for, don't like sci-fi, futurism, or fantasy, but somehow compelling to the end.

It careered between "1984" and the cartoon parts of Mony Python drawing a picture of a dystopian world of bureaucracy gone mad (I guess what the eejits thought they were voting against last summer) in which the briskest efficiency only brings about unhappiness.

A few lines and scenes made me double-take, though.

"Thirteen years of war against the terrorists. Minister?" "They're beginners".

"Happiness - We're All In It Together".

Men watching real violence on their screens and thinking it was just another game.

And the sinister business of "we didn't kill the wrong man; he was the right man, wrongly labelled. Not our department".

Alternately savage, surreal, cute, unhinged, it's over-long, evidently struggling to find an ending, but well worth it.

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