Saturday, 12 August 2017

Brotherly Love

"Adam - welcome!" He said. I was in the kitchen. Not sure what this visit was about, really. I didn't think Giles liked his brother. But it was "Hey ho, and this is Fred ..."

You could see the joins. Giles is much thinner, I think Adam dyes his hair, but there's something in the eyes that says they're brothers.

Giles made us lunch. We were alone in the conservatory, with drinks. Adam asked "Are you two a fixture?" How do you answer that?
"I love your brother, if that's what you mean".
"But you're very young. Things might change".
"No they won't."

And then he changed tack.

"What do you see in him?"
"He has serenity"
"What's that?"
"Peacefulness, like most people don't have. Giles has it."
"I was hoping you were going to say something else!"
"Yeah, well, he has that too, but when you have your arms round Giles, it's peace".
"Trust my brother to corner the market I can't even buy into!"
"I think he said you'd been married three times?"
"Yes, three disasters, one with gorgeous daughters"
"Do you see them?"
"Too little. It just doesn't work when you're not on site. I try."

Then again

"Did you know your ... path before you met Giles?"
"I stalked him!"
"Yeah - home, work, day by day. I really wanted him"
"I'm really happy for him, for you, but I just can't see the appeal!"
"You're not gay, you don't have to".

And then Giles appeared.

"Grandpa's lasagna!"
"You always got that right!"
"And a whole lot of salad he wouldn't really have approved of!"

They were quite cute together. Maybe Adam would get used to me.

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