Monday, 14 August 2017

Christmas Lunch, with the grandparents

"What about the sex?"
"Sex, there has to be sex, in a relationship, what about that?"
"Grandpa, maybe now's not the time ...."
"It was on National Service! You wouldn't believe what we got up to!"
"Ned, that was a long time ago"
"Nana's right, Grandpa, it was a long time back".
"But it's now for the youngsters, isn't it? Now for Fred, and his, well, not quite so young man! I mean you no offence, but you're not in the first flush are you?"
"No, indeed I'm not, but Fred seems to like me"
"Grandpa, it's OK, we're OK, we're doing our stuff, and it's all legal"
"More fun when it wasn't".
"Dinner Is Served". And Sandra put an end to it.

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