Saturday, 5 August 2017

You notice a newcomer, in the congregation. It's not obligatory on a vicar's wife, but I do it anyway. I don't suppose there are many of us left. But then there's not much congregation left, either. So, on behalf of Marcus, and one of his six other churches, I said "hello - are you new here?"

"Yes, just moving in, Yew Tree Cottage, on the front. I'm Giles, Giles D'Urso".

"Caroline Bonner, I'm married to the vicar, who's looking after another church just now - you should come and have a drink with us some time"

"yes, lovely, that's very kind"

"What about tomorrow night? Monday? At 6?"

"That would be charming".

"I'm afraid you'll get the tribe in all its noisiness"

"I used to teach them, now I rather miss them, so noise is Ok".

"Of course you can "bring a friend"!"

"He's not due until next month".

"Well, when he's about, he's most welcome too".

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